Arundhati (2009)

Cast & Crew:

Plot :

Arundhati/Jejamma, the Queen of Gadwal, buries alive Pasupathi, an evil man who also happens to be the husband of the former’s sister. Pasupati is a womanizer who affected the lives of many. Despite being in the tomb, Pasupathi’s spirit wreaks havoc in Gadwal. A group of Aghoras advises Arundhathi to sacrifice her life to create a rare weapon that can stop Pasupathi. Years later, Arundhati, believed to be the incarnation of Jejamma, visits Gadwal to see her grandfather, who suffered an accident. The evil spirit of Pasupathi is freed from the tomb, and he comes back to haunt the queen’s descendants.


Tollywood had a cinematic breakthrough with Arundhati when the film’s cinematographer, Senthil Kumar, introduced the “Motion Control Camera.” This technology helps produce precise and repeatable camera movements, enhancing the visual appeal. This is a giant leap in TFI.

A significant portion of the production time was dedicated to filming the drum-dance song sequence, which is among the many highlights of this horror fantasy. The team worked for 45 days to get the best possible output. The drum dance sequence comes at a crucial juncture, delivering an experience like never before.

The film grossed a remarkable Rs.70 crore at the worldwide box office, out of which Rs. 3 crore came from overseas markets. Additionally, the film’s satellite rights were sold to Gemini TV for a substantial Rs. 7 crore. These figures are a testament to the widespread popularity of the film, both domestically and internationally, leaving an indelible mark in the history of Telugu cinema.


Arundhati swept the Nandi Awards, earning accolades across various categories:

Arundhati also made its mark at the Filmfare Awards.